28 September 2008

self ignition

self portait by Iris Karayan - ZITA
Megaro Concert Hall, Athens, Jan.08
(general rehearsal)
performer: marilena petridou
music: niks veliotis
lighting design: elissavet moraki
costume design: vassiliki panayiotopoulou

22 September 2008


Mindless demon ruling in absolute chaos
Human minds cannot believe
Black charred brain forms circling deep in the darkness
Bright red trails of pain

Azathoth the mightly, centre of confusion
Ruler of the dead beneath a sea of cloud

Evil blind things ruling in absolute darkness
Fighting forever

Weeping, gnashing, falling in utter confusion
Fire and chaos thrive

[lyrics of Arzachel song "Azathoth"
words+music by Mont Campbell and Dave Stewart]


Vox cinema
a classic film
a classy date

11 September 2008

8 September 2008


i've been awayyy but still this way - i come to stay

here's a piece of performance-work soon to been shown in MIRfestival this coming week...

man[o]euvre by pedestrian

Thessalonikis pedestrian street, Thisseion, Athens-GR
Saturday 13.09.2008, 19:30pm
(Free entrance)

Εvening's fall colors
the rainbow in the valley
fades away

Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828)

man[o]euvre is a site-specific performance. It uses movement and the visual element in order to mark a linear journey along the Thessalonikis Pedestrian Street at a specific time of day, the dusk. During the performance, two characters-beings come face to face with their transformations, the immaterial world and themselves.

A linear manoeuvre which borrows images, movements and feelings from the 'Orient' as well as the distinctive ambiance of the Kerameikos area, where today's urban life meets the ancient past.

Director-Choreographer | Marilena Petridou
Performers | Iris Karayan, Ioanna Toumbakari
Music | Nikos Veliotis
Makeup Art | Sissy Petropoulou
Costumes | pedestrian

connection to MIR festival | www.mirfestival.gr