30 November 2007

northern soul

Thessaloniki is a 'poor' city in the north of greece dominated by ethnicists, religious fanatics, ugly dressed women, rich arrogant peasants and depressed and complexed lunatics....sorry but this is the truth...
..of course there are exceptions..but this is the rule.

pitty cause it's a beautiful and dark city with great strong history and a crossroad with an eastern and balkan air. still its people do not deserve her...
I swear I never want to go back there. there are plenty of places in greece i haven't seen...

so here it is : images from a very full weekend...no words

from thessaloniki

to Epanomi

and back to reality...

I am sorry

that I 've made you cry
that I manipulated your thoughts and feelings, I didn't mean to, I was freaked out.
I guess I am weak
I don't give a shit what others might say
You are more important
At least I know

magic wand

i thought

i was a




but no I'm just an ordinary girl

28 November 2007

where is kara?

my neihbour-friend kara left about a month ago on a european tour...


27 November 2007

23 November 2007


friday 17th nov.07

THE love boat orchestra
blury like their stuff...

THE cynics..

psychedelic baby!
(just the foto not the concert)

+some members of wellknown/upcoming garage bands commenting on the concert and presenting their preferences in greek music..