31 October 2007

catholic block

I got a catholic block
inside my head
I let it go to work
Bring it all back home

It serves you right
And I can motor down
You got to earn yr freedom
Get it on my own

I just live 4ever
There just is no end
I just trust the oppression
Like I trust yr friends

I got a catholic block
Inside my head
I let it play around
Iron to gold

Come back to me awhile

I got a catholic block it's around my head
I got a catholic block and it's blood orange red
I got a catholic block do you like to fuck?
I got a catholic block guess I'm out of luck

[thurston moore]

29 October 2007

from dusk till dawn |

+++ in these special times of a day's life, it is believed that very important things take place.
the sun is just about to come about or has just disappeared and the energy is very fragile and strong at the same time..

a mystical trip indeed +++

26 October 2007

look up and away
lady in zografou street devision


..the building works across the street from my house (may 07)

25 October 2007


Glow throw through a non-stop grow
Pan-pain consumption of an old reduction
Initializing material engines
High and low attempts
Grin - indeed

eat or be eaten

(or the outcome of some cooking experiments with 8th 2:13 festival flyer visual design...)

24 October 2007


..and monsieur animatter with monsieur karkowski being soft(!) and quick.

shall i buy you a drink?


performance in athens biennial (13/10) @ 417

23 October 2007


lovely intervention in the lovely Liosion st. area..
so much you can do with a permanent marker..

18 October 2007

the show

MUST really go on

field recordings 1

i have not forgotten = this land

9 October 2007

i wish i was blind

looking into some old cards for Irini's Bday

6 October 2007

a case of stairs

may 07 > xristiana's block

3 October 2007

poster cemetary

I saw this today in the street..

the ultimate cemetary for advertisement+graphic design -
each dead with a memory and a small symbol of what it once was -
a web of non-recycling materials and information -
the left overs of a struggle to get THROUGH...


one of these things that a grandma leaves behind,
this item took me many years back...
thank you