19 February 2008

tirou's way

tirou has been walking all the way to her work through snowy athens these last few days. not so interesting you'll think.

..but indeed this repeating action of her walking in the icy streets when everybody else is 'trapped' in their warm little corners, shows not only the amazing persistance and care with which some of us work and create, but also how incredibly simple some things are, in contradiction to the general tendency in this country for everybody to exagerate everything -especially when not needed- and the infuriating collapse of the intrire state functions with a few centemetres of snow, a few drops of rain, a bishop's death, a football game, a fucking xmas holiday, a fucking august vacation and the list is endless....(I really wonder how we took the Olympics and most of all how we came across its needs.....maybe through the work of idiot volunteers or the high security measures flying over our heads)

Either way if you are a greek reading this: go get some driving lessons this time and maybe read some physics.
If you are a foreigner, remember this: Greece is not a place to live your myth in, rather it's a mythical and beautiful place run by corrupted dickheads that are probably planning to turn it into a place like dubai.

Live you Myth in your Heart


18 February 2008

eco + kinky madness

scenes from 7th EcoCinema festival preparations...


valentine's death party@kinky
dj set by PUtan KLAN

frozen suburbia

8 February 2008

v for vest

+ p for pirate


the callas&the callassettes gettin ready to rock the tv personalities...



marina abramovic exhibition in kappatos gallery - december 07

thanassis & ioanna..