30 April 2008

north sail

digital over-stills from the poetic industialism of "Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks its Back"(film by Braden King, Laura Moya - USA - 1998 - 82΄ - B&W).....

an honour to serve this kind of art..

movie LINK

Boxhead Ensemble

+Dirty Three video by Braden King...


some images from the ecocinema dayz in february 08/./././././././

Cineak retro idol

(distorted mr.painleve ---)

sunset on a riot trip...!


+tips :

18 April 2008


spring is here - fuckin hell..

and yet my windows are shut.


3 April 2008

Concerto Casa

///lusakses mori...epetai sunexeia///

the Callas+the Callasettes * home concert 8-3-08

fuck your god

fotos+video by thanassis ;)